Velvet antler

Resource: Every Spring, wapiti males grow this renewable resource. Velvet antler is a living tissue that will be harvested in a humane manner, i.e. without causing any pain and before the calcification process begins.

Velvet antler is the fastest growing tissue among the earth's mammals.


The use of velvet antler dates back 2000 years. Its reputation in the Orient spread widely because of its tonic qualities and its large spectrum of uses.


Contents of velvet antler:

  • Glucosamin
  • Chondroitin
  • Collagen

  • Minerals: Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Phosphorus,
    Potassium, Selenium, Iron, Cooper, Zinc

  • Amino acids
  • Essential fatty acids
  • Growth hormones: Type IGF-1 et IGF-2

All these ingredients appear naturally in velvet and it's the synergy of its component parts that makes this product so efficient and so unique.


Numerous researches in the world confirm what the Eastern nations know for a long time, that velvet antler :

  • Can diminish the scope of arthritic symptoms,

  • Increases red blood cells. Oxygen intake is then improved, which also affects the body functions.

  • Increase energy concentration and speeds up tissue repair..

  • Prohibits the effects of free radicals responsible for aging in tissue and cells.

  • Helps to prevent osteoporosis.

  • Gives more energy and is useful in fighting fatigue.

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